Hopebox Theatre’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame benefits Matt Wilcox, a local father battling cancer.

Congratulations on a visually stunning show and great cast! @hopebox_theatre

🎥 (me)

Coming to the Hopebox Theatre stage October 2021! 😂😂😂 #hopeboxtheatre #hunchbackofnotredame #gargoyles #florika #jehan #clopin

Hey everyone! I’d love to announce the performance dates of an upcoming production of hunchback @hopebox_theatre (which I am so excited to be in!)

All of our proceeds go to our Wall Of Hope Nominee! I’d love to see some of you there one of the nights if you can!

Congratulations to the cast of Annie Get Your Gun on a successful opening weekend! 🎉


I had never seen this show, not even the movie. (Gasp) The material was presented gracefully and respectfully. Excellent direction, fantastic visuals, beautiful music, and two powerhouse casts! Another hit for Hopebox!

I filmed this video with my iPhone SE 📲 and edited with Adobe Rush!

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Happy Opening @Hopebox Theatre Have a great run of Annie Get your Gun!

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Wow, what a night at the theater!

We opened The Sound of Music this past weekend and at tonight’s performance our director and Wall of Hope recipient got a letter from Julie Andrews wishing us success! She had been told of the production and Hopebox Theatre’s mission to bring hope to those battling cancer. To buy tickets and learn more about our Wall of Hope recipient, Desi, go to Hopeboxtheatre.com (I’m Captain Von Trapp in the silver cast - July 17, 19 & 22) #soundofmusic #hope #cancer #hopeboxtheatre #theater #musical #musicaltheatre #utah #syracuseutah

Umm…. I’m never gonna get over how much I LOVE the pictures from this shoot!


I’m in a play! I’m in Sound of Music put on by Hopebox Theatre and will be preformed at the Syracuse arts amphitheater. We open this weekend! (It is double casted so if you wanna see me come to a Teal cast performance but both casts are amazing!)

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I can't believe how expensive makeup is! 😲 It's been 6 years since my last show.

#HopeboxTheatre #SoundOfMusic

This summer I decided to do a little hiking, defy the Nazis, and dump a Baroness for a nun.

Sound familiar? I’m excited to play the part of Captain Von Trapp in the HopeBox Theater production of the sound of music in July! The mission of the Hopebox Theater is to bring hope and support to those who are battling cancer. The proceeds of the show will go to help a woman in our community named Desi who is fighting the good fight! It will be performed at the Syracuse Arts Academy amphitheater in Syracuse, Utah. Hope you can come! #cancer #theater #theatre #utah #hope #hopeboxtheatre #summer #soundofmusic

I’m coming out of retirement. 😎 Last year, before COVID and the shutting down of the world, I was cast as Maria in The Sound of Music at The Hopebox Theater, which unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Luckily, I was asked to come back this year and portray the loving, powerful, and all around wonderful character that is Maria at the wonderful theater that is the Hopebox!❤️ If you are interested in seeing this beautiful production, I have linked the website to buy tickets in my bio! I am the teal cast and will be performing in all of those specified dates. It’s an amphitheater performance so come enjoy the outdoors while being entertained. All proceeds go to a designated nominee battling cancer.

#utahtheatre #hopeboxtheatre #thesoundofmusic

Each Hopebox production is done in honor and support of a local family who is battling cancer.

🎗Proceeds and all donations are given to the family.

Our recipient for THE SOUND OF MUSIC is Desi McGee. (Read her story here ➡️) She recently returned from a beautiful family trip to Hawaii, and is expected to live for a few more weeks. We hope that she gets to see our production, which opens in 32 days. (You can donate at GiveHopebox on Venmo, or by coming to the show!) 💙

As a cast, we have been encouraged to send love and support to Desi and her family. 🎁💝

I designed the stickers and Edelweiss Greeting Card, the socks are from Rodgers and Hammerstein.

#hopeboxtheatre #thesoundofmusic #edelweiss #rodgersandhammerstein

I LOVE cast gifts! 🎁

I spent Memorial Day designing these little stickers, and can’t wait to share them with my cast on opening night.

We open 5 weeks from today, and I’m definitely counting! 🤫

Come see The Sound of Music presented by Hopebox Theater at the Syracuse Arts Ampitheater this July! Both casts are amazing, I’m in Teal Cast. 💙

Like what you see? My “Til You Find Your Dream” sticker can be found on my RedBubble!

Ryan plays the Bishop in Les Miserables, and closing night is tonight!

He’s just as impactful off stage as on, as he juggles the logistics of sets, props, costumes and...well, pretty much everything!
#lesmiserables is a powerful show, and these high school-aged volunteer actors and singers bring the full depth of the story onto stage.
Break a leg tonight, Ryan!
#hopeboxtheatre @senor_squid928 #prouddadmoment #highschooltheatre #doyouhearthepeoplesing

With both their backgrounds in Technical Theatre, it was only fitting that Julie & Jake have their wedding in a location so near and dear to their hearts:

The Hopebox Theatre. 🤍 🎭

The bride’s dream was to have a sunflower wedding in December so we made that happen. Due to restrictions the couple had a smaller group of close family and dear friends in attendance. What a magical day featuring massive smiles, masks, and a whole lot of yellow! 🌻 Here at Event Masters we are obsessed with helping turn dreams into reality! Check out that yellow linen tho! 📸: @bcphoto.design

For those of you who don’t know the Hopebox Theater is a performing arts center dedicated to helping the families of individuals battling cancer. They dedicate shows to those struggling in hopes of bringing them some joy and positive energy in difficult times. They are located in Kaysville and put on wonderful plays! Definitely go see one and donate if you can.
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My mother-in-law invited me to volunteer with her recently at the Hope Box Theater in Kaysville UT and I just had to share with all of you!

@hopebox_theatre is an organization that was started by a cancer survivor to raise money for other cancer patients through the performing arts. People from the community can volunteer as ushers, concession workers, etc. for plays put on by the community. Each month is a new play, with proceeds going towards a new recipient each month and donations encouraged as well. The play that I went to was dedicated to raising money for Darlene Sweeten, a mother of five children with terminal breast cancer. The play we watched and ran concessions for was a musical called “She Loves Me” and it was so much fun!

Definitely go support this theater if you’re in Utah anywhere near Kaysville. I love seeing communities come together in creative ways to support each other.

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I miss the days of taking apart a dress and recreating it.

🥰 This was another fun project for Little Mermaid the Musical @hopebox_theatre I can’t wait to costume for live theater again!!! 🤞🤞🤞 #jlowecrafts #wigstyling #thelittlemermaidthemusical #ariel #handmadeweddingdress #hopeboxtheatre

We found a hidden treasure. It is the Hopebox Theatre. Check out there website and mission.

https://www.hopeboxtheatre.com #hopeboxtheatre #cancersucks #cáncer #adznenz

A little sneak peak of the sound of music happening at Hopebox Theatre this summer!

🤞🤞🤞 #jlowecrafts #soundofmusic #costumedesign #bettyscollection #hopeboxtheatre

We really wanted this beautiful fabric for the Vonn Trapp children drape costumes in a production of the sound of music.

Unfortunately they didn’t have enough, so we found an alternative! We still bought enough to make ourselves cute bags! 🥰 Hopefully 2021 will allow us to finish this fun production at the Hopebox Theatre! 🎭 #jlowecrafts #soundofmusic #costumedesign #fabric #handmadebag #hopeboxtheatre

Life is the bubbles! Hope you are singing your way into the weekend.

This fun cast of The Little Mermaid at the Hopebox Theatre was a pleasure to costume! Beautiful photo by @wonderglassphotography 🥰 #hopeboxtheatre #thelittlemermaidmusical #underthesea #jlowecrafts #kyleeinwonderland #costumedesign #lifeisthebubbles

Annnd we’re back to Monday .. am I right? #hopeboxtheatre #arielwig #positovity #arielcosplay #thelittlemermaid #musical #jlowecrafts #kyleeinwonderland

Sunday is an excellent time to make a new friend! Tarzan and Jane costume and wig commissioned for the 2015 production and of Tarzan the Musical at Hopebox Theatre.

#tarzanandjane #hopeboxtheatre #jlowecrafts #wig design #ombreclothing

TGIF!!! Costume and wig commissioned for a local theater, for this perfect little mermaid!

Photo credit to the beautiful Kylee @wonderglassphotography ! #hopeboxtheatre #thelittlemermaid #costume #wig #wigstyling #disneyprincess #jlowecrafts #kyleeinwonderland